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When you come to see Dr. Arkoulakis for a consultation, you will notice that our Edison, New Jersey office has a completely different feel from the typical medical practice. The atmosphere is comfortable, friendly, and informal. We prefer to keep the scheduled patient volume low in a deliberate effort to foster an unhurried feeling for every encounter. One might make the comparison with visiting a small boutique, when you are in search of something special and important for yourself.

Dr. Arkoulakis Plastic Surgeon Edison NJ
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Operating Room in Edison NJ
Plastic Surgeon Dr. Arkoulakis performing surgery in Edison NJ


Your consultation will be carried out from start to finish by Dr. Arkoulakis himself. Our practice philosophy stresses the unique nature of each patient, and your experience here will reflect that. Dr. Arkoulakis will learn your unique story and elicit your concerns. After performing a careful examination, you and the Doctor will discuss a truly individualized plan of care. Together, you and plastic surgeon Nolis Arkoulakis M.D. will decide on what cosmetic, reconstructive or skin procedure is the best match with your own motivations and circumstances. Sometimes this may require a second consultation before a final plan is reached.

Simple procedures (e.g. Botox and collagen injection) can be carried out on the same day, in conjunction with your consultation. However, major procedures are performed on a subsequent date in on-site accredited operating room facilities, where every resource is made available to conduct your surgery safely. Board certified anesthesiologists and registered nurses assist Dr. Arkoulakis in delivering your peri-operative care. Cases that require an overnight stay are done at the JFK Medical Center, an acute care hospital located across the street. In every instance, giving you safe, individualized care is our top priority.

After your surgery, the plastic surgeon takes charge of every aspect of your care; no task is relegated to ancillary staff. Frequent post-operative office visits allow Dr. Arkoulakis to closely monitor your recovery.


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